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Start-up support for Kyungpook National University's foundation support team

23 Oct 2018

Baek Un-yong  / October 22, 2018 18:21:33 

▲ Group photos of 4 start-up companies

(Daegu = International News) Baek Yun-yong = Kyungpook National University (President Kim Sang-dong) Promising start-ups sponsored by the Korea Foundation Support Team received good evaluation from global buyers at the world's largest electronics exhibition in Hong Kong.

▲ Neo-phone Lee Seung-chul CEO

Kyungpook National University Business Support Team selected four prospective start-ups that it unearthed through a public offer in July and supported participation in '2018 Global Small Start-up launch pad' held in Hong Kong for four days from October 18 to 21.

Global SOS Electronic Exhibition is an ultra-high-tech electronic products exhibition with over 3,700 exhibition booths and is an international sourcing platform with 17 countries and buyers from 141 countries. Every year, 200,000 global consumers visit this exhibition.

▲ Lily Covers Ahn, Seon-Hee Representative

▶ Domestic companies supported by Kyungpook National University ▶ Lily Covers (Smart Skin Diagnostic Device, Representative Ahn Sun Hee) ▶ Prime Tech (Portable UV Multi Sterilizer, Yoon Joo Kim) ▶ NeoPhone (Earphone-wearing Smart Earphone, CEO Lee Seung Chul) ▶ Adcrunch (A battery replacement type smartphone case combined with a rechargeable battery, Shin Sang-min).

▲ Prime Tech Kim, Yoon-joo's representative consultation

Lily Co Ltd was highly popular at this exhibition, and sold $ 350,000 in field exports to Japan and Canada. With the support of Kyungpook National University in 2016, the company successfully completed the development of comprehensive skin diagnosis system and solution that induces skin regeneration based on plasma technology, and succeeded in attracting US Silicon Valley investment.

Currently, we are fully prepared to sell products and are actively marketing to global markets.

PrimeTech Co., Ltd., which launched 'Vray', a portable ultraviolet sterilizer that can easily sterilize various items anywhere in the home or office, launched the full-fledged product from this year and started to sell products not only in Korea but also in the US, Hong Kong, Export performance.

Neopon Co., Ltd. was selected as "Analyst's Choice" by the global corporation editors at this exhibition. The smart earphone developed by NeoPhone Co., Ltd. is designed to wrap around the auricle smoothly and can be worn all day without pain. In 2015, we produced prototypes with Kyungpook National University, and this is the third release.

▲ Ad Crunch Co.

The product launched by Adcrunch Co., Ltd., located in Jeju Island, is 'ANTIOFF', a smartphone case for rechargeable batteries that can replace internal batteries. Unlike existing competitors, Samsung Electronics has been receiving love calls from domestic institutions and angel investors with its battery efficiency and convenience enhancement technology.

During the exhibition, the four companies held about 60 consultations with global buyers and investors in 24 countries and the consultation amounted to US $ 8,810,000.

Choi Jeong-yong, head of the business start-up support team at Kyungpook National University, said, "We will continue to push forward domestic and overseas marketplanning and marketing support so that promising start-up companies in Korea can grow and leap as a global company."




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